RBUnit is now Free!

Posted by on Feb 27, 2007 in REALbasic | 7 comments

RBUnit, the premier automated unit testing framework for REALbasic, is now available for free. Check out the press release here. You can download RBUnit from RBDevZone here.

I’ve been meaning to make RBUnit freely available for some time. I believe I actually talked to Ian Jones about this at last year’s REALWorld. It just took me a while to get around to it. Now go forth and test!

7 Responses to “RBUnit is now Free!”

  1. About bloomin’ time!

    I’ve waited all this time for it, a whole year! Cheap, moi? :-)

    Great news Paul, I’ll download it as soon as I can, cheers.

  2. This is great anything to get more people testing their code, I for one am glad I paid for it when I did and would gladly do it again. So are there plans to continue development of it or create a place for people to contribute?

  3. @Ian: Yeah, I knew you were cheap :-)

    @Sam: Thanks for your business, BTW! We can use the Testing forum at RBDevZone to discuss RBUnit development. I’m all for people contributing to it. If there’s enough interest, I can set up an entire area on RBDevZone devoted to it.

    – Paul

  4. Scott Steinman says:

    Paul, the download links at RBDevZone do not work in three browsers (Safari, OmniWeb, FireFox) even with Javascript enabled.

  5. Hi Scott,

    I”m not seeing a problem. I can download with Safari, Omniweb or Firefox on my Mac and Firefox and IE on WIndows. Do you get an error of some kind?

    – Paul

  6. Scott Steinman says:

    Hi Paul,

    No error message — nothing happens at all. By the way, I found out later that downloading does work with Opera on the Mac. Maybe that might give you a clue about what’s going on (unfortunately, I do not have a clue ;-)


  7. Scott,

    I glad you were able to download with Opera.

    I know you said that JavaScript was enabled, but the only way I can duplicate this is if I disable JavaScripts. When I do that all kinds of things on RBDevZone stop working, including the download links.

    – Paul