Update: As I now work for Xojo as their Developer Evangelist, I no longer am able to offer training through LogicalVue. If you’re interested in training you can contact Xojo directly for a quote: hello@xojo.com

Here at LogicalVue Software, we use a wide variety of development tools. Of all of them, our favorite is Xojo. We use it for most of our product and custom development.

Virtual Training Company Course

Paul created a 7-hour video training course that you can purchase directly from VTC for $99.  This course gives an overview of Real Studio (the earlier version of Xojo) and then walks you through creating a sample ToDo application for both the desktop and the web.

VTC 7-hour Real Studio Training Course

Xojo Webcamps

Our Webcamp courses offer low-cost, personal Xojo training. We offer two different training courses: Webcamp 101 and Webcamp 201. These 4 hour courses are designed to get newcomers up to speed with Xojo. To maximize your learning experience, we utilize a professional conference service with screen sharing software so you can see Real Studio in action.

Webcamp 101: During this 4-hour online session we will use screen sharing to give you an overview of the Xojo IDE, projects and more.

Webcamp 201: In this 4-hour session, you’ll learn about the Xojo programming language, object-oriented development and more.

Webcamp 301: In this 4-hour session, you’ll learn about creating web apps using Xojo.

Fee per Webcamp: $500 (Sign Up Now)

We can also custom-tailor Webcamp training to meet your needs. Contact us for more information.

Xojo Bootcamps

Our Bootcamp courses offer more in-depth Xojo training. We offer two different training courses: Bootcamp 101 and Bootcamp 201. These multi-day training courses are designed to get newcomers up to speed with Xojo. Our training is held in beautiful Portland, Maine. On-site training is also available.

Bootcamp 101: This 3-day course covers Fundamentals, User Interface and Managing Data and Multimedia. You’ll learn about the Xojo IDE, the Xojo language, object-oriented development, available controls, databases, graphics, sound and movies.

Bootcamp 201: This 2-day course covers Performance, 3rd Party Controls, Cross-Platform Consideration and more advanced topics. You’ll learn about timers, threads, various plugins, Windows, OS X and Linux, XojoScript, introspection, namespaces and more.

Bootcamp 301: This 3-day course covers web development using Xojo.  You’ll learn about the new web UI components, Sessions, deployment and more.

Fee per Bootcamp: $3,000 (Sign Up Now)

We can also custom-tailor Bootcamps to meet your needs. Contact usfor more information.

Why Xojo?

Xojo supports our philosophy of software simplicity. Xojo is a powerful, fully object-oriented cross-platform development system that is very similar to Microsoft Visual Basic. In addition to being very easy to use, it can create desktop apps that work on Windows, OS X and Linux; web apps and iOS apps.


Paul Lefebvre has been using Xojo since 2001 (when it was then known as Realbasic) and has created dozens of applications with it. He is a regular columnist for xDev Magazine and has presented on various topics at nearly every Xojo conference. He is also currently works for Xojo as their Developer Evangelist in charge of all documentation, examples, webinars, blogging and more.